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Step By Step - Volume 1

Step by Step Vol 1 is a heartwarming photographic diary designed to capture the most significant moments from the first echo in Mom's belly to the baby's second birthday. This charming diary features 16 chapters, offering over 80 moments to cherish.

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Step By Step - Volume 2

Step by Step Vol 2 is a photo diary designed to document the special moments of the baby's second year. With 56 pages, this diary is ideal for preserving significant memories and continuing to record the growth and experiences of your little one.

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Tooth Box

Each baby tooth is a small milestone in your children's growth. The tooth box not only provides a safe and charming place to store these treasures but also becomes a symbol of the magical and sweet moments of childhood.

By acquiring this box, you are investing in a treasure that you will cherish forever, remembering the precious story that each tooth tells.

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